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Practice does NOT make perfect. Only deliberate practice makes you perfect.

We surveyed hundreds of CFA candidates and drew insights from our own experience

Why Candidates Fail?

Inefficient Testing

Testing should be the FIRST and not the last thing you do in your preparation. Keeping mock exams for the last weeks till you complete the curriculum is not effective.

Although it is tough to face failure, better to deliberately practice, find your weakness and improve everyday to win the war on Exam Day!!
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“I had a loss of confidence on exam day. I fumbled on questions that were medium difficulty”

Passive Learning

Candidates keep re-reading curriculum and re-watching hours of videos in hopes of increasing retention. Passive learning is the worst long term retention method known to cognitive research.

Active learning employs testing effect to target your knowledge gaps at the earliest.
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“I feel overwhelmed, there is so much. I find myself over analyzing that is not required”

Exam Strategy

Often candidates do not have a clear plan of action. Do you know what you will do when you press the start button on the day of the exam? How to recce the exam? Which sections to prioritize? How to look for easy sitters and tough speedbreakers?

If you are unable to pass an exam with over 40% pass rate, multiple choices and no negative marking then do you think there may be a definite flaw in your strategy?
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“I had a loss of confidence on exam day. I am not sure how I performed”
Features built by CFA Candidates for CFA Candidates.

You shared your problems.
We built solutions !!

“I wish I knew which Readings & concepts I'm bad at”
"I over analyze the low weightage Readings "
"I couldn't fill the important gaps in my prep before exam"
Solution: S&W ANALYSIS
Insights : Exam strategy & Testing, D-Day Questions Prioritization
“I misread the question”
"I did a silly calculation error"
"I couldn't complete the paper on time and missed the sitters"
"I spent too much time on speed-breakers"
Insights : Time management, mastery, silly mistakes, Question selection, CBT readiness
“I lost my confidence on exam day and went blank”
"I started out well, but don't know how I did in the end"
"I couldn't complete in time, I think I did some modules well"
Solution : PACING MAP
Insights: Exam fatigue & error rate versus time, First look accuracy
And Much More...

Our analytics engine tracks 10+ parameters to provide detailed insights

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