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Staying true to its belief that every learner is unique, MasterCFA believes in personalization.
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Animated vs Talking Head videos

Research suggests that learning that employs as many senses is more powerful and recallable than a 1-way lecture.

It is easy & boring to verbalize & speak content from a book like a 'sage on a stage' but it 100x tougher to go to the original research paper, craft and animate a story behind the concept that you remember for a lifetime.

At MasterCFA we know that you are spending atleast 60 min daily on Netflix or other engaging storytelling platform and that is our competition.

Personalized vs Generic Feedback

Every learner is unique. Since CFA exams are given by graduates, we understand that you already have a body of knowledge built over 15+ years of institutional studying.

So it makes sense to account for that. An engineer has a different starting point than a business grad or an accountant or a professional working in financial services.

Education cannot be one-size fits all. If Spotify and Youtube can build a playlist according to my taste, why can't education be delivered based on your strengths and weaknesses?

Deliberate vs Forced Prep

Exam prep is tough. With so many distractions available, it is becoming very tough to focus and put in the hours. Work should not be different from play. The curriculum should bedelviered throughout your day. deliberate practice and continuous learning