Terms & Conditions

V1.1 - Last edited 30th April 2021

All material on this website is protected under copyright. All course material made available on the website (including, but not limited to, videos, course notes, audio files, etc.) are intended for PERSONAL USE and are intended for educational purposes ONLY.

Outside from the uses outlined in these terms, any course material or other content on this site may NOT be reproduced for any purposes; this includes account sharing, content distribution, the resale of account access, learning products or support materials; all of which are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may face being reported to the CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program

Account access includes the sharing of an account to any who are not the original purchaser (the individual named on the creation of the account; this includes (but is NOT limited to) a company account being shared (and material distributed) between multiple employees, 

Each account must have an INDIVIDUAL’s name attached to it; any upgrades or credits will require documentation to be provided – the names on the documentation and the account MUST match to be accepted.

The individual named on the account will further be referred to as the Account Holder

Learning products and support materials include, but are not limited to: videos, PDF’s, question banks, mock exams and account access by way of sharing or pooling one account for the benefit of many.

Security measures have been enabled to allow the tracing and tracking of those that choose to ignore this policy.

The use of a VPN, or any sort of proxy, is Notre commended when accessing your MasterCFA.com account. As we use third party software to ensure account security, the VPN/proxy cant rigger the software, activating the security measure and shutting out the use of the account.

Accounts & Passwords

The Account Holder is solely responsibility for both maintaining their password in addition to the protection of any and all aspects of your account and it’s contents.  The Account Holder will beheld accountable should the Account be compromised. An account flagged for distribution, sharing or pooling activities will face immediate shut down. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be issued should an account be shut down due to prohibited activities. Furthermore, the continued or future access to the mastercfa.com website for this individual will be reviewed and may result in being permanently revoked.

mastercfa.com reserves the right to update the Terms & Conditions for the site as deemed necessary for site improvements and content security. Any changes will become effective immediately after posting the updates to this page. It is the responsibility of the Account Holder to review the Terms & Conditions periodically to ensure that they are aware of the changes. If changes are implemented, the “Last Updated” date change to the date of the modification.

User Content & Candidate Site Conduct

The Account Holder agrees that are not infringing on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright etc. of any content submitted by them through the site; this includes but is limited to: comments, photos, etc.

The Account Holder also takes full responsibility for any content submitted by them to ensure that it is not in an offensive nature.  Further, all Account Holders acknowledge that mastercfa.com reserves the right to remove any and all accounts that create or participate in disruptive, dangerous or otherwise disrespectful behavior within their participation on the site.  
This includes, but is not limited to:

·         disrespect for mastercfa.com faculty or other participating candidates,

·        those that have engaged in academic misconduct (cheating, etc.) and

·        those that have been identified as violating the Codes and Standards.

These actions will result in the terminations of their account and their access permanently revoked.

Cancellations and Refunds

Due to the immediate availability of the content within the package subscription, we have adopted a strict no refund policy. Once record of access to the account and/or its contents is demonstrated, the Account Holder acknowledges that the purchase cannot be refunded or credited. If a refund is granted (under the sole discrepancy of mastercfa.com), the account holder will be subject to an administrative fee in order to process the refund.

Packages & Site Content

mastercfa.com reserves the right to make modifications to the learning content at any time and without prior knowledge to the Account Holder. This includes but is not limited to: pricing, packages, videos, PDF’s, question banks, mock exams, addition & removal of content, etc.

We try our best to ensure that our content is plagiarism free and does not violate any copyright law. However, if you feel that there is a copyright violation of any kind in our content then you can send an email to support@mastercfa.com.