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“The analytics are amazing! I could see and improve my accuracy and pacing in ECO”
Ravi, India
“The flashcards helped me immensely to remember and revise FRA and PM.”
Kyle, USA
“I really loved the content for Derivatives, I could see the graphs and equations visually.”
Govind, Canada
“Kudos to the team for showing me my strengths and weaknesses, it really helped!”
Anshu, India
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Game changing CFA prep platform

Not Passive. But Adaptive

Traditional learning pedagogy is built around 'Sage on the Stage' model, where a teacher gives didactic lectures to a large audience. We guide & adapt to the students needs.

A picture is worth....

Don't just read. Visualize, absorb and experience. Finance is considered boring and complex because no-one explains it well.

Get your life back. Study less, retain more

Quality and depth of content matters more than quantity. All our videos are between 6-15 minutes. If we cannot explain it to our mom, in a conversation, we do not understand it and need to simplify it.

Note taking that helps recall.

Making notes is painful. But research has proven note taking improves recall and understanding. We nudge you to create notes, organize them and print them to review before exam or the job interview.

Testing before learning.

Testing is as important as learning, especially for CFA exams. As graduate learners, you may have already learnt some parts of the exam. We help optimize your weak areas and to adapt to your strengths.

Each question is a learning opportunity

Your brain subconsciously identifies and categorizes question patterns and tricks. In guided testing you learn with each answer. Every attempt teaches our algorithms about you.

Minimize the exam day difference

The exam interface on your exam day is different. You need to experience your mock exams in the real Prometric exam environment to be free from any surprises.

6000+ Questions and Explanations

Leave nothing to chance. A vast continuously updating question library, along with detailed and comprehensive explanations

Truly understand your attempts

Do you require more practice or is your question selection poor? Are your attempts lucky guesses? In which modules are your silly mistakes concentrated? Your accuracy map gives your performance in a single snapshot.

Is your exam strategy flawed?

Often candidates do not have a clear plan of action. Do you know what you will do when you press the start button on the day of the exam? How to recce the exam? Which sections to prioritize? How to look for easy sitters and tough speedbreakers?

Nurture Strengths
Optimize Weakness.

If you are unable to pass an exam with over 40% pass rate, multiple choices and no negative marking then do you think there may be a definite flaw in your strategy? You don't need 100% score to pass the exam. You need to know yourself.

When the going gets tough...

Every time you attempt a question or interact with our cards, our algorithms measure your proficiency. They gradually &increasingly test you on tougher things based on your current understanding.

Conquer the forgetting curve

We employ spaced repetition to nudge you towards concepts that you are prone to forget faster. Helping create recalls at the right time, strengthens you retention before the exam day

Engaging Flashcards

No boring mugging up and cram session. We question you in a way an interviewer would when you apply for you finance job. The goal is not only to pass the CFA exam, but also to be prepared for the partner round when it happens.

High Yield Notes

As CFA candidates ourselves, we understand your workload and that time is a precious asset. Our high yield, notes will help you make your revision sessions more powerful and engaging.

See the forest and the trees

Our mind maps will help you see the full course in a single glance. Whether its the exam or your job interview, just being to logically map a topic from point A to Z is powerful and a step towards mastery.
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Built for CFA candidates by previous candidates

Even after experienced studying through all three levels of the CFA exam, two levels of FRM exam, and gaining my MBA in Finance, I still did not like the way finance was taught, in its unnecessary complexity.
I hated how prep providers put the exams on a pedestal as if you need to...

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“I hated my CFA  prep, and thought there has to be a better less painful way”

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