Six Reasons Why You Should Study With a CFA Prep Provider

Are you wondering whether you should sign up with a CFA Prep Course to help you prepare for the Level 1? Are you concerned that CFA Exam curriculum is not enough to help you pass the exam?

Are you wondering whether you should sign up with a CFA Prep Course to help you prepare for the Level 1? Are you concerned that CFA Exam curriculum is not enough to help you pass the exam? Are you considering studying for the CFA Exam on your own? You've come to the right place then - we're here to tell you why you should study with a provider but ultimately, the choice is yours. 

We see why you may be tempted to study on your own. You think you'll save money, study at your own pace and ultimately say that you did it all by yourself. It's a good idea in theory, but those assumptions could prevent you from passing the Level 1 CFA Exam. So make sure you're prepared! Before you decide to go it alone in preparing for the Level 1 CFA Exam, consider the following six reasons. 

1. You'll Save Money

This may sound counterintuitive: how does spending money on a prep course end up saving money? It comes down to the fact that you'll be giving yourself the best chance to pass the CFA Exam. On average, around 42% of exam takers pass the Level 1 Exam.. That means that if you decide to try the self-study method, there is less than a 50% chance that you will pass. It’s a coin flip, and the other side of the coin is the roughly 50% chance that you will not pass. If that happens, you’ll pay twice to retake the exam that you didn't pass the first time. So invest in setting yourself up for success by using a prep course to increase your chances of passing the CFA Level 1 Exam the first time.

2. You'll Study More Efficiently

Another concern may be that using CFA Prep providers will require you to change the way you study and study, but not necessarily in a way that suits you as a learner. You don’t have to use a cookie-cutter study method. You are unique, so why use a cookie-cutter method of learning? That’s why we offer a complete, fully integrated training platform built for individual success and tailored to your unique learning style. You'll have everything you need to pass the Level 1 CFA Exam within 90 days.

3. You'll Cover More Material

Many students complain that finance courses do not offer enough time to cover everything needed for the CFA Level Exam. However, the truth is that there is not always time to cover everything needed for the CFA Level Exam. When you partner with a CFA Exam prep course, you will receive the supplemental information required to pass the CFA Exam and also get all the training and support that you need to study for the CFA Exam.

4. You'll Get the Most Up-To-Date Information

Our CFA experts will keep you informed and up to date on all things for the CFA exam. We'll do the hard work while you remain focused on what is most important – your studies. Our unique platform focuses on active learning – not long video lectures or books that become quickly outdated. We offer unique platforms that are designed to practice – not just watch lectures and read books. So, when you study with us, you’ll feel confident knowing that our CFA Prep course content is developed keeping you - the candidate - in mind. Our content is also created by experienced CFA charter-holders and covers all Level 1 learning outcome statements (LOS).  

5. You'll Experience Better Time Management

An active life makes today’s candidate very busy, often juggling several responsibilities at work and at home. Passing the CFA Exam requires having a good study plan. Time management is a critical factor in successfully implementing your study plan. You'll need to get yourself organised, so you don't get distracted along the way. The question that you must answer for yourself is, "How do I make the most out of my time? A CFA prep course will give you all the necessary tools to help you manage your finances, set realistic goals, and keep you accountable. We will prepare you to succeed on exam day. Your program will focus on exactly what you need to achieve. And remember, you have to start your study plan earlier than later. Your life and schedule will only continue to get busier. There’s never a better time than right now to start studying for and scheduling the exam.

6. You'll Enjoy Exam Day Confidence

Prep courses are a great idea. There's no doubt that studying with a prep course statistically improves your chances of passing the CFA Level 1 Exam. CFA practice tests are very difficult, but we give you in-depth explanations and clear illustrations for both correct and incorrect answer choices, so you have a better understanding of the concept. Our unique Active Learning Platform focuses on practice and repetition – “learning by doing” instead of long video lectures and less engaging books that can become quickly outdated.

A CFA Prep course is an excellent investment in your professional development. A CFA prep course will help you study more efficiently. It will make learning seem easier than it actually is. You’re saving money, preparing more efficiently, learning faster and experiencing better time management. 

Whether you're planning to prepare for the CFA Level 1 or CFA Level 3 exams, this CFA preparation tool will give you everything you need. The course provides a simple, easy-to-understand structure that makes it easier for you to learn. It’s hard to manage your time. So we want to make it easy for you to do what really matters most. Our intuitive software is easy to use, and we're continually adding new features.

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