Mobile Learning For The CFA Exam And Why It's For You

For those that lead busy lifestyles, balancing several responsibilities related to work or family, is difficult enough already. It's why contemporary CFA prep providers must adapt and redesign innovative solutions to meet the shifting needs of their consumers.

You're probably wondering: what does this have to do with me? Well, chances are you're undertaking the notoriously difficult CFA certification, which means this will greatly benefit you!

Now that the CFA exam has switched to a computer-based test format (CBT), one of the essential user experience features that CFA prep providers should adopt is Mobile Learning or M-Learning. A Mobile Learning platform is crucial for the future of prep providers it will fuel the growth of knowledge in terms of accessibility.

Learn about mobile learning in this article and see how it can help you. 

What Is Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning programs allow you to study on the go; they let you study anytime and anywhere. With Mobile Learning, you can take your classroom anywhere! You'll have unlimited opportunities to create an active and engaging learning environment wherever and whenever you want. You'll study more efficiently and effectively by using well-designed Mobile Learning platforms. 

But wait, what's a Mobile-First Design?

Considering a CFA candidate's many options to prepare for the high-stakes CFA Exam, a Mobile-First design is ultimately helpful and beneficial: it's a website or program that is built with the focus on how the content and information will look and work on a smartphone.  

How Mobile Learning Works for You

The benefits of Mobile Learning for students are undeniable. The main benefit of a Mobile Learning platform is that it’s easy to study on the go, so students get more studying time. M-Learning allows students to learn and progress at their own pace. In addition to being a lot of fun, online courses offer you a different type of learning experience than you're used to with traditional study. 

As a mobile-first solution, you are offered a lot of advantages. It cuts through all the fluff and filler, and provides a high-quality overview of the subjects that'll be covered. At the core of it all is a design that works best to suit your increasingly on-the-go lifestyle. With Mobile Learning, you can improve retention and completion rates by creating memorable experiences for learners. Now it's easier than ever to complete your study goals and improve your chances of passing.

With MasterCFA, you get the convenience of being able to review materials anytime, anywhere. Whether you prefer to sit down at your computer to study or are always on the go and need more mobile learning platforms, we’ve got you covered with products that are designed to meet you where you are and give you the best learning experience (and the best chance to pass the CFA exam).

In Conclusion...

With the CFA exam being such a high-stress endeavour, you deserve the best and most diligently-planned, well-produced, and most importantly, most stress-free preparation materials to help you study. That’s why MasterCFA creates and produces all of our own platforms in house. We’re committed to providing you with the best content and technology, and we strive to ensure that our quality is never compromised.


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