Can you solve a CFA exam question in 90 seconds?

CFA exam is one of the toughest exams for financial professionals looking to chart a way into the financial services arena. Each level corresponds to months of practice and thousands of pages of curriculum content spanning over ten areas in the world of finance. Do you think you can pass this exam with flying colors?

Most CFA exam candidates focus so much on READING FOR the exam that they never actually prepare GIVING THE actual exam.

And that’s why they FAIL the exam!

One of the most important exam parameters is time taken per question. While in the relaxed environment of your mock tests and other casual practice tests on your super-fast PC or laptop, you never get to feel the anxiety of the exam day, the ticking time between pressing next on a low internet connection of the exam center and the weird and irritating mouse and keyboard config they have (on my exam the monitor screen was smaller than 17 inches, and I used to work on a 29 inch gaming monitor!)

The brass tacks are, in Level 1, you have to solve 90 Questions in 135 minutes which = 90 sec per question, that means you have to read the question, understand it, feed it in calculator, solve it, mark it, and press next – ALL in 90 sec.  This is roughly similar for Level 2 and Level 3 as well, considering the passage-based nature and increased difficulty of the questions.

Now lets look at some FACTS!

Average comprehension speed of any student per minute for technical content is : 50 words

Average human reading speed

And average number of words in CFA question are: 55 words

Average number of words in a CFA question

So, let me get my trusty BA 2 plus out, if you are taking 1 minute to just READ the question, how much time will you take to RECALL the formula, the approach to SOLVE, feed it in calculator and finally solve it?

Surely not 30 sec.

And I’m getting anxiety chills just writing this…
Seconds lost in each question above 90 sec, will cumulate to minutes, and soon you’ll see the clock down at 30 minutes with you having more than 30 questions left.


Calm down.

Take a deep breath!

Do you want to solve this issue?

Its just a matter of technique, training and practice, I did it myself and passed my Level 1 and even Level 2 easily with this, and not only those I have had the pleasure of cracking some of the toughest exams in the world (such as CFA, FRM, CAT, GMAT) using the same principles.

Do you want to know what it is?

Well guess what, I have prepared a 3 min video to walk you through this exact technique using a question tougher than the actual CFA exam.

And I am giving it for free, no ‘money’ strings attached.

Why? Because I know the juice is not in knowing the technique but to actually mastering it through deliberate practice.

All I want in return is a fair social barter.

You can watch the full 3 minutes video on our app, which you can download here or from the link below the video.

And if you like it do share this post with your other fellow candidates and friends, and give us a follow on instagram!

In fact, I am so sure you will love it that I’m gonna give you a 1 min preview of the 3 minute video! Check it out.

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