Benefits of Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst

It goes without saying that there are many benefits of becoming a chartered financial analyst.

It goes without saying that there are many benefits of becoming a chartered financial analyst. The CFA designation is the highest recognition of competence that you can achieve in your career as an investment management/finance professional. It's considered the gold standard in the finance and investment industries, setting you up for global recognition and success. With a credential in hand, you'll be ready for all kinds of opportunities for career advancement. So we've decided to round up the top benefits for you! Here they are: 

You'll Get Higher Salaries and Compensation

A few of the benefits of the CFA credential are higher overall compensation and higher salaries. Getting a credential makes you more marketable as a job applicant. It’s a way of showing that you’re a hard worker who will dedicate yourself to accomplishing a difficult goal. Charter-holders can have high salaries compared to other professionals in the finance industry. But they also have greater job security than other financial professionals. And, the good news is that CFA wages are higher than wages in comparable professions, and CFA charter-holders report they are highly satisfied with their careers.

You'll Possess Additional Value

One of the benefits of the CFA credential is that it provides a professional career advancement and better salary opportunities for investment management professionals. According to the CFA Institute, some of the benefits of the charter include:

  1. A powerful global network of top industry professionals
  2. Strong foundation and commitment to ethics and professionalism
  3. Real-world skills for making complex investment decisions
  4. Recognised and welcomed by markets and employers globally
  5. Unmatched expertise in both practical investment analysis and management skills
  6. Access to career-advancing tools and education

You'll Have Increased Knowledge and Expertise

Attaining the CFA charter is not easy and requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. The benefits of receiving the designation far outweigh any challenges you’ll meet while completing the program. Faster career growth, higher salary, and instant respect and credibility are just a few of the benefits a CFA charter-holder will receive with the designation.

Moreover, CFA charter-holders amass a more profound knowledge of the financial and investment professions while working through the program. This knowledge not only transfers to a strong value-add to top employers wanting to employ CFA charter-holders but also gives CFA charter-holders a distinct advantage over their non-CFA charter-holder peers.

You'll Gain Earned Respect

Maybe the ultimate benefit of the CFA charter is the feeling of satisfaction you get from joining a very exclusive and prestigious club in the finance industry. Attaining the CFA charter credential showcases your drive and commitment to achieve a difficult specialisation. It also earns you the respect of future employers and your peers. Doesn't that sound fantastic?

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